The Aveeno Oat Experience at AAD

Aveeno, one of Johnson & Johnson’s major brands has always been recognized as a leader in natural skincare by developing formulas with colloidal oatmeal as a main ingredient. As more competitors added Oat to their formulas, it was time for Aveeno to double down and remind HCPs and consumers who did it first and still does it best!

AAD was the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate the Oat, so Topspin conceived and developed what would be the feature attraction inside the booth and called it “The Aveeno Oat Experience”.

The outside of the structure was populated by 10’ tall murals illustrated the journey of Oats from their natural habitat to their scientific formulation in Aveeno products.

Once inside, HCPs were greeted by the centerpiece attraction, a 15’ x 20’ social media mosaic where through the use of interactive apps on surface tablets, guests could “Post an Oat Note” with a selfie and greeting that would find its place on the wall with other posts from Aveeno’s social media pages. The “Oat Notes” were rotated out with Aveeno branded posts to simulate a “real time” social media wall.

On the opposite side of the main wall featured a giant map with points plotted out to illustrate Aveeno’s commitment to global expansion in new markets.

The inside perimeter of the circular structure was lined with 4 self-aided, interactive touch screen apps that told the Aveeno story from their foundation to Oat breakthroughs and more. Upon exiting, guests received a sample bag and took a selfie in an oat field to mark the event.

The “experience” was particularly gratifying to us as we were able to utilize most of our capabilities, (event planning, concepting, designing and execution of print and digital media) in a single project.