A Program More Meaningful Than the Revenue it Creates

By: Andy Judson, Co-Founder/Managing Partner at The Topspin Group

The best part of running an agency is the people and projects you get involved with along the way. This was particularly true recently with the Thank You Nurses project developed by L’Oreal for their CeraVe skincare brand: A global initiative with the simple goal of thanking nurses for their incredible efforts every day and especially during these unusual times.

CeraVe is the fastest growing brand in the skincare category and the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand. Because of CeraVe’s roots in the medical community and effective therapeutic formulations, the brand chose to recognize the nurse community and offer some relief.

The CeraVe team created a Thank You Nurses campaign including hashtags, social media posts and dedicated interactive pages on cerave.com, Twitter spotlights, and product donations to nurses around the globe!

Since nurses are washing their hands more than ever before, the brand wanted to recognize these frontline workers with products to help with their dry hands, face, and body. CeraVe sent the entire line of their products to try to alleviate what had become an unexpected consequence of their 24-7 days. Also included in the kit was a heart-warming letter thanking nurses for their exhaustive efforts in this ongoing battle against Covid-19.

As a seasoned pro of the marketing agency business, this is one of those projects you just look back on and smile. It was NOT about ROI or category share. It was NOT about SOV or CPU. It was about a brand using their resources to help those — who are helping all of us.

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