We can all find ourselves working in silos from time to time, to accomplish tasks that we have on our constantly growing “to-do” list.  But much like the end of a sporting game, how often are you reviewing your efforts to see how you can improve? Consider the steps below to improve outcome of marketing campaigns: 

  1. Create an internal group to serve as “champion team” to gut-check each other.  Often times marketing professionals understand the goal and tasks that they set out to accomplish but often forget to have open communication with the field or sales who implement programs at customer level.  By creating a champion team (as our Bausch + Lomb client does) with all departments, this helps all players to ask questions and trouble shoot flow of programs to ensure success

  2. Meet with vendors to see how you can better streamline processesI cannot stress enough that deadlines matter to ensure successful projects.  Make sure you over communicate with all vendors to manage expectations.

  3. Reconsider format of deliverablesEvaluate if your print tactic can be delivered digitally or vice versa.  This can be cost effective, can impact campaign timelines, and you can build a library of tools for your clients (Our Loreal client readily does this to improve their assets).

  4. Share your campaign results with your agencies.  Remember great results are great but often when results seem lower than anticipated, that is when real learnings can be found.  

  5. Speak with impartial parties. Sometimes our clients are too close to their respective projects- that is where Topspin comes in.  Give us a call to review your projects and we will give you our spin on it.  We love to ask probing questions and brainstorm as a team how we  can assist to improve your campaigns.  

By taking the steps above or setting up a brief meeting with your team can drastically improve your marketing campaigns and reinvigorate your internal processes.  For questions and to speak with our team, click on the “Start a Conversation” button on the left.